Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sinners and Saints

Inside the Capitoline Museums in Rome
Italy November 2008


Hfaistiwnas said...

Τι μουσείο είναι;

spacie said...

it's mostly art and archaelogical

HaLiaS said...

στην ελλάδα θα το ονομάζαμε "βυζαντινό";


spacie said...

ena prama

Demetra Aristotelous said...

a bit tempted to ask who do u see as saint and who as sinner in this picture.. :p Great work as always baby!

spacie said...

heh luv
και λέω δεν θα ρωτήσει κανείς;

βέβαια δεν μπορώ να παίρνω θέση
and leave the images speak for themselves

θα πω τουλάχιστον ότι όλοι είμαστε saints μέχρι αποδείξεως του αντιθέτου ;)

Anonymous said...

omg.i randomly happened to come upon this picture and i have to say its absolutely amazing.!
fantastic work.
meaningful work.!